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FREE!Lettering Software

with 3 free fonts! Additional fonts starting at $9.95/font
EFP Fonts & Monograms
starting as low as $9.95 each.
Borders & Shapes
Over 60 Shapes & Borders starting at $9.95 per pack.
Next Generation Advanced digitizing and editing systems
STI Fonts
starting as low as $9.95 each.
STI Borders & Shapes
starting as low as $9.95 each.
STI Fonts Packs
starting as low as $9.95 each.
Embroidery machines and softwares
As low as $7 per thousand stitch
Single head and Multiheads
Quality used Tajima, Toyota, Barudan etc
Toyota Three heads PRO 2
Toyota Two heads PRO 3
Name brand thread and supply
Discounts starting at $3 per cone. Bobbins $15 box
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